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Timeline of things I’ve done

When Where Work Education Play Photos Writing
  2022 Abbey Dore, Herefordshire Prototyping, designing, building websites
  Jazz piano with The Diary of Samuel Pepys   Oct Nov Dec
      Jul Aug Sep
  Apr May Jun
  Jan Feb Mar
  2021 German using Duolingo, Memrise, Lingvist, Deutsche Welle, and Busuu. Jazz piano with Oct Nov Dec
  Jul Aug Sep
  Apr May Jun
  Jan Feb Mar
  2020 Oct Nov Dec
    Jul Aug Sep
  Apr May Jun
  Jan Feb Mar
  2019 Barbican, London Meisner technique acting classes at The Salon Collective Oct Nov Dec
  Jul Aug Sep
  Apr May Jun
  Jan Feb Mar
  2018 Oct Nov Dec
  Jul Aug Sep
  Apr May Jun
  Django Hines Jan Feb Mar
  2017   Oct Nov Dec
  Jul Aug Sep
  Developer at IF Django Spectator Django Ditto Isle of Skye Apr May
  Prototyping, designing, building websites
Including: Also, teaching web development to Goldsmiths design students
    Feb Mar
  2016 Oct Nov Dec
  Jul Aug Sep
  Apr Jun
    Ansible playbook Jan Feb Mar
  2015   Oct Nov Dec
  Jul Sep
      Apr May
  Front End Development at Citizens Advice
As part of the “Alpha team”, developing prototype digital services.
Jan Feb Mar
  Jul Aug Sep
    Mappiness chart Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris Apr May Jun
  Creative Technologist at BERG     Jan Feb Mar
  2013 Twelescreen Nov
     Jul Aug Sep
  Planning, designing and building websites Our Incredible Journey   Jan Feb Mar
  2012 Absolute Beginners’ Dance evening classes at City Academy   Oct Dec
    London Olympics Jul Aug Sep
    Apr May
  Jan Feb Mar
  2011 Sewing Skills evening classes at LCF California Oct Nov Dec
    Crazy Walls   Jul Aug Sep
    Walton Apr May Jun
  Anatomical Life Drawing evening classes at CSM   Jan Feb Mar
  2010   Oct Nov Dec
  Jul Aug Sep
  Today’s Guardian Morocco Apr May Jun
    SXSW and New York Jan Feb Mar
  2009 Using mathematics at the Open University   Oct Nov Dec
    Jul Aug Sep
  Walton and Copenhagen Apr May Jun
  Pretend Office & Septivium St Ives and ETech & SXSW Jan Feb Mar
  2008     Oct Nov Dec
  Full-time course in Creating Theatre at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA)
Devised physical theatre including: masks; Commedia dell’Arte; the grotesque; dramatic storytelling; epic drama; acrobatics; the chorus; clowns; comedy and farce; Butoh dance; and more.

Also, part-time one-year course in stage combat at City Lit including rapier and dagger, and unarmed.
Paris Jul Aug Sep
    Apr May Jun
  Jan Feb Mar
  2007 Oct Nov Dec
  Jul Aug Sep
  Apr May Jun
  Jan Feb Mar
  2006 Oct Nov Dec
  Acting classes
At the City Lit (one year Foundation course and other classes) and The Method Studio.
  Jul Aug Sep Apr May Jun
    Jan Feb Mar
  2005 Falkland Islands Oct Nov
    Jul Aug Sep
  Japanese language evening classes
Why not? But I eventually gave up as I couldn’t devote enough time to classes.
Avignon Apr May Jun
    Jan Feb Mar
  2004 Hackney Oct Nov Dec
  Hackney, London   St Pancras Jul Aug Sep Serbia and beach huts Apr May Jun
    California Jan Feb Mar
  2003 Portrait paintings   Oct Nov Dec
      Jul Aug Sep
  Creative Technologist at, London
Programming, design, site architecture, usability and stuff for the UpMyStreet website and public- and private-sector clients such as SomersetOnLine.
Paris Apr May Jun
    Jan Feb Mar
  2002   Oct Nov Dec
  Burning Man 2002 Jul Sep
  Haddock Blogs    
  Witham, Essex     Walton Jan Mar
  2001   Nov
    Burning Man 2001 Aug Sep
  Haddock Review    
  Freelance web work   Feb
  2000 Houston, Texas   MS in Studies of the Future at University of Houston-Clear Lake
It seemed like a good idea when I was sick of London and websites I didn’t care about. It was certainly an experience. I learned a lot and you can see some of the papers I wrote.
  Enron Field, Clear Lake, Houston Jul Aug
  Apr May Jun SXSW Mar
  1999   Amsterdam  
  Clapham, London Deputy Editor of Capital Radio’s websites
Too, too long. The shallow fun of meeting stars didn’t make up for having to listen to Capital FM all day.
  1998 Life drawings
  1997 Webmaster at Syzygy
It was OK. But everyone else ran away about the same time I did. I cobbled stuff together for sites such as Cartoon Network UK, Excite UK, Pepsi UK, the V&A, Whiskas, Wilkinson Sword and WPP.
  Burning Man 1997
  Haddock Directory  
  User Interface Design evening classes at London Guildhall University  
  1996 Alpha Geek at Wired UK
I blagged a job as sysadmin and they were crazy days when any job title seemed possible. I couldn’t believe I had a job at Wired, and it was all thanks to v1.0 going pear shaped. It was like this only more English and I’ve yet to enjoy a job as much as the first few months there. But eventually v2.0 also disappeared. The new economy is so fickle.
  Bristol Page Layout Artist, Bristol Evening Post
Part-time, scalpel, hot wax, black tape.
    French and German evening courses at various times while in Bristol.
  Modelmaker at Aardman Animations
Freelance, and more off than on, but it was fun. Made models for TV ads for Chevron, Lurpak, Weetos, and a couple of days on A Close Shave.
  Freelance Illustrator
I made £100 from one illustration in GQ.
  BA Graphics & Illustration at UWE
Had a great time, and loved Bristol which was why I stayed. Made lots of friends; made many stupidly arty (as opposed to good) things; wimped out and avoided too many parties; learnt a lot; did some paintings rather than spend my time on those nasty computers; went on an amazing mystery field trip to Berlin, Innsbruck, Venice and Bognor Regis; learnt about old Dutch paintings; discovered how much I enjoy movies; made many, many things out of mounting board; discovered how much I enjoy going to gigs; got drunk; cycled up and down hills.
  1992 Work experience at a couple of theatres sometime during college.  
  Odd bits of nasty industrial temping during these years.
  Crittall factory
  Witham, Essex   La Defense
  Foundation Course at Braintree College
I learned how to create things other than the small black and white pen drawings of which I had previously been so proud.
  Witham Sixth Form Centre
  For a while around these years, I worked on Saturdays, and some holidays, at Witham Library.
  For some time round about here, I delivered the Yellow Advertiser after school on Fridays. The Rickstones School
  Templars Junior School
  Chipping Hill Infants School