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Writing: April 2005

  1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide movie

    I thoroughly enjoyed the revamped, high-production familiarity, but I have no idea if it will work as a film for people who don’t already know it.

  2. Holidays and urban spaces

    We went to Avingon, Orange and Montpellier. The latter has a nasty modern development which isn’t a patch on its older parts as a pleasant environment.

  3. Piano Notes by Charles Rosen

    Fascinating insight into the world of professional piano-playing. I think you’d get even more…

  4. Mind Hacks by Tom Stafford and Matt Webb

    Finally got round to reading it and wasn’t disappointed. Very dense with interesting nuggets.…

  5. Vote for me and Jamie Oliver!, which I built with Poke, is up for a Webby award. So go and vote for it!

  6. HTML wot I wrote

    I spent a lot of time doing the HTML/CSS templates for a new version of Wood Mackenzie’s site (although you’ve, justifiably, probably never heard of them).

  7. With great audiences…

    At what point does an amateur weblog become professional? And what responsibilities does that entail? In sticking to its amateur style, I feel Boing Boing may be shirking some responsibility.

  8. I don’t understand

    MG Rover’s directors and the profitable but crap Thameslink train service confuse me entirely.