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Writing: March 2007

  1. Larval masks and animals

    We spent a week using larval masks and are now imitating animals, gradually making them human.

  2. LRB notes

    Three passages from past London Reviews of Books. Empson on Christianity, Pythagorean rules, and the screams of children from old English schools.

  3. Optimism and creativity

    I’ve been wondering whether being optimistic helps creativity. I compare Modernism, 1960s Californian music, and 1970s New York music.

  4. Try now, judge later

    Thinking that I need to try and evade my tendency to be negative, cynical, sarcastic, etc in order to do as well as I can.

  5. The 57 steps

    The end of term two, and our project was “the 57 steps” which, eventually, went well.