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Writing: December 2009

  1. Top Tunes 2009

    My favourite music of 2009.

  2. Week 340

    Summing up 2009, which, again, has felt too aimless.

  3. Finishability

    BERG’s video about digital magazines mentions the importance of a magazine being finishable, which is also true for news.

  4. Week 338

    Finishing Misfits, learning Django, turning down work.

  5. Making news easier to read online

    The New York Times Skimmer is an improvement over most newspaper websites, but it’s not there yet.

  6. Is modern web design too like print design?

    I’ve been wondering whether we’ve lost the “webness” of web design, whether it’s all too dull and influenced by print design.

  7. Week 337

    Work tailing off, and needing to be firm with myself to Get Things Done.