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Writing: February 2003

  1. Babies galore

    Ada, Aasta and Oskar.

  2. BBCi’s accessibility report

    The BBC publishes a great report on their own sites’ accessibility. But in the non-accessible format of PDF. Doh!

  3. Broxtt’s blog

    This week a few of us at work have been giggling quietly while creating a fake weblog for our…

  4. Micro marketing

    If you live in Barnet or St Albans and want to learn to draw or paint then you need Insight. I…

  5. Sieving spam on the Mac

    Using SpamSieve to filter email: 98.9% accurate.

  6. I’ll give them a word burst or two…

    Accpording to the New Scientist it might be possible to track societal change by monitoring the…

  7. Aqua on Windows XP is devoted to making your Windows machine look like Mac OS X. There’s a distinct…

  8. Books read and to be read

    Lists of books I’ve read each year, what I’m reading now and what’s sitting on…

  9. HotWired archives

    A conversation on The Well about HotWired of old prompted me to Google for the remnants of the…

  10. Decent UK TV guide

    A really simple telly guide, at last.

  11. Protesting the war in Estonia

    My sister sent me this photo from a friend of a friend in Estonia and says: In Tartu the defence…

  12. The best thing about Movable Type 2.6

    From the changelog: Changed all visible instances of blog to weblog in the system and in the…

  13. Giving and the Jhai Foundation

    For me it’s finally time to start giving.

  14. Dawson’s Creek has a cast of one

    The kids of Dawson’s Creek are actually identical clones sharing a single personality.

  15. Pepys Diary traffic statistics

    If you’re as fascinated by the spread of memes as I am you might find my brief report on…

  16. Removing evil image links from Movable Type

    How to free your Movable Type screens from those awful menus made out of images.

  17. Felicity

    Wondering why ‘Felicity’ isn’t watched by anyone but me.

  18. Using a British/UK Windows keyboard with an Apple Mac in OS X (2)

    Outdated instructions for using a British Windows/PC keyboard with a Mac.