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Writing: December 2008

  1. Physicalising ebooks

    How can we best represent the heft of real books in ebook readers?

  2. What on Earth is going on at ‘Today’?

    Fury at ‘Today’s slot on the Pope saying how homosexuals are killing the human race.

  3. Pelinore from ‘Imagine’ magazine

    I scanned in all the pages I have from the early 1980s ‘Imagine’ magazine describing the Dungeons & Dragons campaign world of Pelinore.

  4. Google Reader vs Bloglines Beta

    I’ve recently switched to Google Reader after years of Bloglines. Here are the differences that matter to me.

  5. Would you let your daughter work in an open plan?

    An article from the ‘Observer’ in 1968 about Boots’ new open plan office.

  6. Annoyingly slippery

    Some tips and gotchas for Movable Type 4.2.

  7. Webloggery organisation

    I’ve re-written the site’s back end, using less PHP and more Movable Type.