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Writing: July 2010

  1. A better afterlife

    Two bits from reports about UK social attitudes, aspiration and inequality.

  2. Ignore the naming of objects

    Is it better to know everything about a city, or the countryside, or is it better to rely only on your imagination?

  3. Pay-per-point

    Pay-per-view seems a bit rude when you want to show people things. Maybe pay-per-point would be nicer.

  4. Week 369

    Catching up on overdue tasks, arguing, Django.

  5. ‘Cognitive Surplus’ by Clay Shirky

    My notes from reading the book.

  6. SuperMe

    The site I’ve been working on at Somethin’ Else has launched.

  7. Week 368

    Getting on top of things.

  8. Publishing with old dates in Movable Type

    What I did to make the Pepys’ Diary website work with 343-year-old dates in Movable Type.

  9. Pirate economics

    The pay differentials of 18th century pirates.

  10. 30 tons of baggage

    A description of a Victorian journey into Africa and the huge amount of resources required.

  11. A pint bottle full of HeLa

    The story of Henrietta Lacks and her cells that went on to be used in medicine without her family knowing.

  12. Making a web page fit an iPhone screen

    I had problems making a web page fit and fill the iPhone screen width-wise in both Safari and when opened from the Home Screen.

  13. Cool down, little girl

    Some examples of little details that bring to live much larger issues.

  14. More than a million

    Some bits from a review of a book about Henry Wellcome’s huge collection of objects.

  15. Week 367

    A busy week, work and socially.

  16. Sieve filters

    My Sieve email filters, an example.