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Writing: September 2003

  1. Link-only weblogs aggregated on Haddock Blogs

    Haddock Blogs now has a separate list and RSS feed of a few other “link logs” or link-only weblogs, or whatever you want to call them.

  2. Sensible RSS feeds for “link logs”

    Looking through RSS feeds of various link-only weblogs, I realised they all had entirely different formats. So I’m trying to work out why people do what they do, and what (I think) they should do.

  3. Imperial Rome’s high density living

    In Rome 2,000 years ago, most people lived in apartment blocks five to six storeys high.

  4. Dinnerladies

    Nancy Banks-Smith on the canteen sitcom, and why Stan should be in ‘The West Wing’.

  5. Family Tree

    I’ve just drawn up the (partial) Gyford Family Tree.

  6. Viewing iChat logs

    Logorrhea is a simple and free application for browsing and searching your iChat logs.

  7. Underground Britain

    Fascinating information, photos and floorplans of underground locations around the UK, particularly the half of the site devoted to old cold war bunkers.

  8. Greater London Industrial Archeology Society

    Their bi-monthly online newsletter is an amazing collection of wide-ranging background info on everything from bricks to the distilling industry.

  9. Awesome commercial use of XHTML/CSS

    Ryan Carver has built a site for Lee Jeans and describes how its CSS and XHTML 1.0 Strict are achieved. Very impressive. Plus a couple of web page validator type things.

  10. Douglas Coupland interviews

    Two interviews with Coupland on the launch of ‘Hey Nostradamus!’.

  11. Farmers’ Market

    Stoke Newington Farmers’ Market and occasional second hand book sales. A perfect Saturday morning.

  12. Bill Nighy

    “There is nothing lonelier than being on stage in pantaloons.”

  13. Heading south for the winter

    My sister’s making an unusual career move…

  14. Ella Guru

    Heard their song ‘On a Beach’ on Late Junction last night and it was good.

  15. Gigantomachia

    I’ve had my first real play with TypePad, and got a new site up and running that isn’t a weblog.

  16. Wired UK employees

    Most Wired UK staffers are missing from the roll call on the website of Gary Wolf’s book, ‘Wired: A Romance’, so here they are.

  17. Eudora 6, inching slowly forward

    Eudora 6 has been released. An improvement, but it’s falling still further behind the competition. It wouldn’t take much…

  18. This week’s culture

    This week I’ve seen Douglas Coupland talk and I’ve heard ‘Newsnight: The Opera’. I missed Gillian Welch and Burning Man.

  19. Bloglines

    I’m loving the online RSS feed reader which is replacing NetNewsWire Lite for me.