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Writing: November 2005

  1. Not being me

    In two exercises I realised that although I tell myself I can let go and be another character, I find it incredibly hard to do that physically.

  2. Using a British/UK Windows keyboard with an Apple Mac in OS X (3)

    Using a standard UK Windows PC keyboard with an Apple Mac is surprisingly difficult. But you can follow these instructions to re-map the Option, Command and Control keys, and the punctuation characters.

  3. Two interesting improvisations and feeling hot

    I’ve taken part in a couple of fun, interesting, and partially successful improvisation exercises recently. But there are other things that still require much more work.

  4. Notating conversations

    Radio 4’s ‘Front Row’ had a piece about the ways playwrights have attempted to notate how speech should be delivered, particularly when it overlaps.