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Writing: June 2019

  1. Media for June 2019

    A gig, lots of telly, some books and five movies.

  2. A city day out

    We spent a day doing some touristing in the City of London.

  3. Tail of the access log

    A peek at what websites in 1997 knew about visitors, from Pop Goes the Web, a Radio 1 documentary.

  4. Good ID

    I recently made the Good ID website for Unfold Stories, using Django and Wagtail.

  5. Job Garden

    This year I’ve been spending some of my time working with Matt Webb on Job Garden.

  6. Exciting like the web

    On Kicks Condor and Robot Wisdom.

  7. Overnight

    Five things from an overnight shoot for a short film.

  8. Blogroll

    I added a blogroll to my site, because there are lots of nice blogs out there.

  9. The 1959 Project

    I’m enjoying The 1959 Project, daily posts about the New York jazz scene in that year.