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Writing: October 2003

  1. T610 calendar having problems with winter

    The Sony Ericsson seems to screw up appointment times in its Calendar once British Summer Time ends…

  2. A question

    If you insure your CDs, what is it you’re actually insuring?

  3. Teachers

    “There’s only one thing I hate more than a sore loser.” “What?” “You.”

  4. Felicity on ITV2

    In the dead of night, ITV2 is airing the best US teen angst drama.

  5. Geolocational link dump

    A collection of URLs scavenged from two months’ worth of unread Geowanking mailing list emails. Maps, wikis, GPS, Flash, RSS, RDF… the usual.

  6. Delancey and 2nd St

    Eddie Morton, ‘The Sound of Vaudeville’, and my photo of his neighbourhood.

  7. Changing jobs

    The Guardian’s special report on changing jobs, and how great it is to hear about people making the break…

  8. Looking as cheerful as any man could do…

    “I went out to Charing Cross, to see Major-general Harrison hanged, drawn; and quartered; which was done there, he looking as cheerful as any man could do in that condition.”

  9. The Caretaker

    John Peel played a track by The Caretaker earlier this evening. It’s good stuff and you can…

  10. Sunsets and shared experience

    Other peoples’ photos of Wednesday’s London sunset show how much richer the online world can make the real world. Hurrah!

  11. McSweeney’s vs They Might Be Giants

    “Quirky” pop duo and self-absorbed literary quarterly… a recipe for embarrassment. Or maybe not!

  12. Linklogs are taking off. Again.

    Ooh, excitement! Some people think “linklogs” are taking off! But, of course, they’re nothing new — Jorn Barger was doing it waaay back.

  13. “I wish he would pull my hair again”

    A friend of mine in the US has started posting excerpts of her diary from when she was 12 to her weblog. “I want to be Joey’s friend … I wish he would pull my hair again.”

  14. Bloglines’ blogrolls and the real world creating friends

    You can now include your “blogroll” direct from Bloglines. And I ramble about why some people feel like closer “friends” just because they’re physically nearer.

  15. Hiragana and Katakana practice page

    I’ve made a page to help people (like me) practice their Japanese alphabets.

  16. Online autobiography tools?

    Is there a market for a simple tool that would allow people to easily document their lives? No, not weblogs; something geared towards the past.