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  1. w/e 2024-02-26

    Essex and London, John Makin, Death Stranding, One Day, and The Killer.

  2. w/e 2024-02-18

    Learning to chainsaw, solar power forecast charts, and The Newsreader.

  3. w/e 2024-02-11

    NTS, driving, mousetraps, a new coffee grinder, little German, and Bodies.

  4. w/e 2024-02-04

    Enjoying driving the EV, This is Us season one, Sound of Metal and Red Rocket.

  5. w/e 2024-01-28

    Renault ZOE delivery, a trip to London, the William Morris Gallery, Poor Things, The Holdovers, and Kin.

  6. UK cinema searches and APIs

    Wondering about searching for movie showtimes, UK showtimes APIs, and an open showtimes API.

  7. w/e 2024-01-21

    Rats not squirrels, text editors, a Renault ZOE, the end of Reservation Dogs, and Justified: City Primeval.

  8. w/e 2024-01-14

    Hosting, compost and rats, electric car thinking, and the macOS Sleeve app.

  9. w/e 2024-01-07

    The things I’ve done this week, season two of Dark, Reservation Dogs, and the Slow Horses book.

  10. 2023

    Some things I did in 2023.

  11. f/e 2023-12-31

    Christmas, Fleishman is in Trouble, Only Murders in the Building season one, Doctor Who, and The Bear season one.

  12. w/e 2023-12-18

    A long weekend in London. The Spook School. ‘Women in Revolt!’ Past Lives

  13. w/e 2023-12-10

    Richard Yates’s Revolutionary Road, Saltburn, Andor season one, and Dark season one.

  14. w/e 2023-12-03

    Leaf mulch, Florist, a webmention, tattoo idea, A Paris Education, winter.

  15. w/e 2023-11-26

    Using Ruff; Aloners, and Decision to Leave.

  16. w/e 2023-11-20

    A weekend in Bristol.

  17. w/e 2023-11-13

    A long weekend in Edinburgh, Dream Scenario, Stewart Lee on pre-social-media TV, Dogs of Berlin, Shiva Baby, Paranoid Park, Romeo + Juliet, and The Meyerowitz Stories.

  18. How to generate a subset of an emoji font using Python

    Making a much smaller font file of something like Noto Emoji, featuring only the emoji you need.

  19. w/e 2023-11-05

    Various German language learning things, website maintenance, Do Interesting, and movies: Sweetheart, Licorice Pizza, L’Innocent and Passages.

  20. w/e 2023-10-29

    An Allo Darlin’ gig, London, Backblaze.

  21. w/e 2023-10-22

    Mammoth Penguins, Fortitude Valley, work, The Mandalorian season one, and Kleo season one.

  22. w/e 2023-10-15

    Watch, Backblaze, Jeep Avenger, German, Ghosts.

  23. f/e 2023-10-08

    Going on holiday, Sensationalists, season four of Sex Education, and Middlemarch.

  24. Turin, Ivrea and Nomaglio

    What I did on my holidays.

  25. w/e 2023-09-24

    A dog; a passport; technical issues; Drops of God; Starstruck season three; and The Tragedy of Macbeth.