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Writing: July 2006

  1. Encore Theatre Magazine

    The weblog is back in fine form with lots of top-flight passionate ranting.

  2. HotWired demo site from 1995

    A demo version of the HotWired website from 1995.

  3. Wanted: A walking map of London for Palm OS

    The map application I used on my old Palm Vx doesn’t work on my new Treo. I miss its walking directions and can’t find a more modern replacement.

  4. Summer clown school

    I’ve done a week-long clowning course at the City Lit which was lots of fun and very difficult. Really useful for acting generally.

  5. The Time When

    A new site I’ve built for the BBC has just launched, aggregating peoples’ memories and news events through history.

  6. I’m going to drama school

    In a few months I’m going to start at LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts), pretty much full time. Blimey.

  7. My new Whit Stillman website

    I’ve just moved my page about the film director Whit Stillman to a new site, powered by WordPress, which I’m enjoying a lot.