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Writing: June 2004

  1. RCA and CSM degree shows

    My highlights of the Royal College of Art degree show and a brief comparison with the Central Saint Martins show.

  2. Byliner stats

    A graph showing the rate of new registrations at Byliner (on the up), and the most popular search requests.

  3. New and improved Jamie Oliver

    This year, when I haven’t been coding I’ve been employed at the lovely Poke working on the new Jamie Oliver website, which launched yesterday. Here are a few highlights.

  4. Beach hut photos

    Photos of the brightest beach huts on the Essex coast.

  5. Bishopsgate Goods Yard demolition

    You can’t see much of the demolition from the street, but from a few stories up you get a better view of the brick mountains. Photos here.

  6. We’re gonna need a bigger pipe

    I’ve been grabbing music from Mostyn’s Music Page for some time, but I only recently realised that a whole MP3 Blog scene has been blossoming out there. It’s official: I am now several weeks behind the bleeding edge.

  7. Upgrading to Movable Type 3 (or not)

    I upgraded to MT3 on my development site, but haven’t rolled anything out live, having hit some problems. I’ll wait for them to be fixed officially, rather than spend time hacking…

  8. Installing DBI and DBD::mysql on Mac OS X Panther

    A guide to installing DBI and DBD::mysql, which I completely failed to find anywhere online (or at least, in a form that worked).


    Our new project launches today after several months of work… track your MP’s most recent appearances in parliament, search all the speeches and written answers, comment on proceedings…

  10. London’s Elections - The Designers

    Analysing the London mayoral candidates based on their grasp of design. Few have any.

  11. Less metadata, more music

    Having thrown away my to do list, I recently finished transferring 342 songs taped from the radio to MP3.