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Writing: February 2005

  1. Server moving… (and Byliner, Overmorgen and Pepys’ Diary) is moving to a new server… so there may be some broken things around over the next few days. Sorry about that.

  2. May the Government be damned for it

    An awesome, possibly final, speech from Brian Sedgemore in yesterday’s Prevention of Terrorism Bill debate. Why are people like him the exception rather than the rule among Labour MPs?

  3. Contextual signage

    Two newish things I like, which together are worth a post, a new sign at the Barbican and one of the new Channel 4 idents.

  4. Top Tunes of 2004

    Making a CD of your favourite music and giving it to friends is naughty and illegal and the cause of global terrorism. But if I was, perhaps, to make one of my favourite music of 2004, then it would look like…

  5. Ten years on

    I’ve been online exactly ten years. It’s been amazing, but I don’t know where I’m going from here.