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Writing: May 2003

  1. Smoke: A London Peculiar

    Issue one of a low-key and enthusiastic little zine about London.

  2. Social sausages

    Social software and social capital at The Wonk Foundation; cocktail sausages; Microsoft missing the point; getting bored at talks; and how men in suits rarely live up to TV’s portrayal.

  3. Buy comics NOW!

    Fantagraphics need you to buy some comics to help them out of a nasty hole…

  4. As the Apple Turns

    Even better than a Mac rumour site.

  5. Especially lovely Richard Herring thing

    “I wondered how many thirty-something overweight men were spending this glorious bank holiday night eating unpleasant, artery clogging fried food, before returning to their flats alone. I thought it was probably 29.”

  6. The all@ rite of passage

    The journey from fun start-up to grown-up company is marked by one obvious rite of passage: the taming of the company-wide mailing list. Getting rid of the jokes and amusing URLs may be inevitable, but handle it wrongly and you’re in trouble…

  7. Auntie Phyl’s fruit cake

    The recipe, handed down through the generations. Burp.

  8. Fly away UpMyStreet, be free!

    uSwitch buying UpMyStreet; whether there’s anything left to be “saved”; webloggers as primary news sources; missing people.

  9. So, it’s over

    Rate it “10” Phew.

  10. Someone’s having fun…

    Samuel Pepys has just arrived in the Netherlands.

  11. Soon, it will be over

    It was just one of those days, of salvation and loss.

  12. Cartographic Congress Show and Tell

    Notes from the event — lots of internet mapping, GPS and RDF.

  13. Once in a lifetime offer! Employ today!

    Not one, but two wondrous web talents are available for work. Hurry along, don’t miss your chance!

  14. Eudora 6 beta fights spam

    There’s a beta version of Eudora 6 out for Macs (Windows coming soon). I’ve been using…

  15. Snow crash

    Is this car art or wank? You decide!

  16. Paris photos and Kyupi Kyupi

    Photos and strange art from a recent long weekend in Paris.

  17. Learning biotech

    I want to know something about biotech, but I know nothing about anything.

  18. Two reasons to avoid using Safari with Movable Type

    If you use Movable Type and Apple’s Safari web browser you should probably read this before you do what I just did.

  19. Toy shop

    Once upon a time there was a magical toy shop. And it’s still there today.

  20. Set beats-per-minute in iTunes

    A handy thing for tapping along to MP3s and setting their BPMs. The world’s gone wonderfully mad.