For the past few months I’ve been working off and on at Somethin’ Else on a project for Channel 4 Education. Yesterday it launched: SuperMe, a site to help teenagers cope better with setbacks.


I was working on the initial wireframes and all the front-end development, the HTML/CSS and JavaScript, with Somethin’ Else’s fantastic Rob McHardy doing all the tricky behind-the-scenes Django work (with contributions from Kass Schmitt).

The site features a number of Flash games (by Preloaded), each designed to teach you some kind of useful lesson, videos of people talking about how they overcame difficult points in their lives, and some quizzes about how to cope with stuff. All of these things can win you points and achievements — log in via Facebook Connect (don’t get me started…) to save your scores and compete with your Facebook friends in different categories. There’s also a bunch of “lifehack”-style tips about, you know, stuff and life and all that.

It’s all come together rather nicely, despite being — inevitably — more complicated than it initially seemed. Big congratulations to all of those involved, particularly those I worked most closely with: Rob and Kass, Tony Sephton for designing things, Kim Plowright for awesome tech wrangling, and Jo Roach for overseeing everything.

Alice Taylor, from Channel 4, has more at her blog.

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