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Writing: November 2009

  1. A dispiriting blank side

    How writers and an artist cope with the blank page.

  2. Week 336

    Moving into the “learning and making things” phase that fills the spaces between work.

  3. Week 335

    Misfits is slowing down and the end is in sight.

  4. How’s the acting going?

    More than a year on, people still keep asking me this. Short answer: “It’s not.” But that’s fine.

  5. Not too many buttons

    The problem with the OpenOfficeMouse isn’t too many buttons. It’s more fundamental.

  6. Misfits

    The “Misfits Online Experience” has just launched, with all code by me for Six To Start.

  7. New London Review of Books website

    I did much of the HTML/CSS for the newly-relaunched LRB website.

  8. Flickr machine tags for film photos

    Creating Flickr machine tags to store information about photos taken on film.

  9. Haddock Blogs down for a bit is down for a bit, but the RSS feeds are now back up and running.