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Writing: September 2005

  1. Where’s my TV?

    Steven Johnson and others have raved about how complex ‘Lost’ is. Why are they so enamoured of such shallow, glossy shows when the cinema serves up much more challenging material? Why can’t TV do the same?

  2. The Guardian’s re-purposing of online content

    The Guardian’s started using quotes from weblogs and forums in the paper. Good stuff, except some forum posters are upset.

  3. First week over

    Recounting the first week of classes. Lots of getting to know people and realising how much homework I’ll need to do.

  4. Back to school

    I had the induction for my acting Foundation course on Saturday, and am looking forward to this term’s schedule.

  5. Back online already

    A BT engineer mysteriously appeared only hours after I complained about how it would take them a week to come round.

  6. If you see Sid, tell him the future’s broken

    Our phone line’s gone but it’s going to take BT a week to get round to fixing it. This is the future!?

  7. UK gig ticket alert service wanted

    I want a service that emails me when a band I like are playing near me.