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Writing: March 2008

  1. A mental “yes”

    We’ve started the term of clowns, beginning with trying to find our own individual clowns.

  2. Bottom of a locked filing cabinet

    More fun with BT Yahoo! attempts at helping people who can’t send email through their service.

  3. Beware of the Leopard

    The struggle we went through trying to resolve an issue with BT (and their associated brands) and their SMTP server settings.

  4. Brits on a train

    The presentations at the end of the second term of the second year were fun, and we did some more work on our gory, grotesque commuter piece.

  5. Hanging on to the reins

    We spent a few weeks doing chorus work at the end of this term, but after all that I’m still clueless as to what makes a good chorus piece.