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Writing: November 2003

  1. Vito, Michael and Henry

    In ‘The Believer’s September 2003 issue, Jim Shepard compared the “honourable” morality of the gangsters in Coppola’s ‘Godfather’ films with the destructive selfishness of those in Scorcese’s ‘GoodFellas’, and, all too briefly, likened the latter to the world of Enron and Bush’s government.

  2. Statement of a Photographic Man

    An excerpt from Henry Mayhew’s 19th century ‘London Labour and the London Poor’, in which a photographer describes one of the many scams he pulls on people with this new technology.

  3. Marching

    Yesterday’s Anti-Bush march, and thinking of ways to make such protests have a larger impact on those who don’t take part.

  4. Action Energy

    I spent a couple of weeks copying and pasting text into the redesigned site. Even though it has a content management system.

  5. Extendaword

    The project I’ve been working on recently, a word game for the Financial Times, is finally launching.

  6. Semi-public events

    Wondering how to create a distributed calendar system for inviting friends along to events without showering them with emails.

  7. Moneydance

    A personal finance application for the Mac (and Windows and Linux) that seems to work. Yeah! Rock’n’roll!