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  1. Said the Gramophone: BEST SONGS OF 2023

    The Happiest Time Of The Year. I’ve only heard a small handful of these, and not often.

  2. furialog - · 4 December 2023

    Sad about the layoffs but also sad that (and the playlists?) may now disappear.

  3. Wilder Mann | Charles Fréger

    Photos of people across Europe as “the savage as it survives in local popular traditions”. Fascinating, and also I might have nightmares tonight.


  1. w/e 2023-12-03

    Leaf mulch, Florist, a webmention, tattoo idea, A Paris Education, winter.

  2. w/e 2023-11-26

    Using Ruff; Aloners, and Decision to Leave.

  3. w/e 2023-11-20

    A weekend in Bristol.