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  1. w/e 2020-08-03

    Holidaying among “all this”; Alfred Döblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz; and My Brilliant Friend season one.

  2. w/e 2020-07-26

    Indietracks, I May Destroy You and Enlightened.

  3. Comments are back

    I’ve turned commenting back on, plus some optional technical details.


  1. Squeezing every drop of performance out of a Django app on Heroku | by Ben Firshman | Medium

    About serving many requests for Arxiv Vanity, from 2017. (via /r/django)

  2. How London’s Silicon Roundabout dream turned into a nightmare | WIRED UK

    One of the suggested tags for this article as I add it to Pinboard is “corruption”.

  3. Identifying Generational Gaps in Music

    This is interesting, although it’s odd they never explicitly say it’s US-focused. (via Waxy)


Comments I've posted on other sites

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    It’s great to be able to filter the photos to show only Friends And Family (or whatever). It was…