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  1. OpenStreetMap Haiku

    Very nice. Little poems using OSM data, the time of day and the current weather. Feels like just the start. (via Imperica)

  2. Vaughan Oliver’s Invitation to Decode

    ‘I’ve got clients who ask, “How can we have that now?” I say, “We don’t have that now. It builds with time; it also builds with the quality of the product.”’

  3. CHAMBER OF HORRORS – The King’s Shilling

    A collection of awful recruitment ads and similar.


  1. w/e 2020-01-12

    Still settling in to the new house; The Idiot and imagining futures; and Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle.

  2. w/e 2020-01-05

    We moved to Herefordshire.

  3. 2019

    Looking back at things I’ve done, seen, listened to, read, etc. in 2019.

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    The opposite of getting distracted by interests 6-25 is to abide by the Helsinki Bus Station…