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  1. A Life’s Work - Andrew Rowley | Off The Cuff - The Budd Blog

    This is just a nice little piece. The handful of times I’ve been there Mr Rowley has always been “jovial …, genteel and dry witted”.

  2. Several grumpy opinions about remote work at Tailscale - apenwarr

    I enjoyed this summary of different remote working tools for a small team. (via Simon Willison)


  1. What’s the muggiest mug?

    If you were to buy one new mug, the most muggy of mugs, what would it be?

  2. w/e 2020-03-29

    Bread, The Crown, not much else.

  3. w/e 2020-03-22

    Sociable isolation, ME REX, Randolph’s Leap, walking videos and all this.


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