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  1. things magazine (Kicks Comdor)

    A new favourite web explorer interviews an old (and still) favourite web explorer about the past and present of blogging etc.

  2. 1MB

    Free hosting for static sites up to 1MB in size, no images, simple database, custom domains, SSL. (via Kicks Condor)

  3. Kicks Condor

    Not just an unusual blog design but loads of good writing about the web and interesting links. (via Things Magazine)


  1. Foursquare/Swarm iCal feed

    I wrote a python script to replace the now-broken Foursquare calendar feed of your check-ins.

  2. A wonky barter

    How am I doing with giving up Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

  3. Media from April

    Some things I’ve seen, read, heard and been to in April.

Comments posted on other sites

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