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  1. w/e 2021-04-18

    Noname, writing tests, fixing Heroku’s documentation, FeedBurner, Yoginimelbourne, season two of Better Call Saul, Adult Life Skills, and W.G. Sebald’s Rings of Saturn.

  2. w/e 2021-04-11

    Hen Ogledd’s Free Humans, bathrooms, linocut printmakers, Instagram, The Irishman, and season one of both Better Call Saul and GLOW.

  3. w/e 2021-04-04

    Wales Goes Pop!, touching toes, The Crown, technology and capitalism.



  1. Ann Lewis Printmaker - Limited Edition Linocuts

    Lovely muted colour palettes on these.

  2. Paul Catherall

    Very simple, colourful prints of buildings and city views.

  3. Dave Lerner - Reduction Linocuts

    Very smart prints of neon signs, vintage cars etc. I’d never have guessed they were linocuts.

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