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Writing: August 2006

  1. A lick of paint

    I’ve added some colour to the site at last. And I wonder how much Internet Explorer’s brokenness has cost industry over the years.

  2. Server move autopsy

    Painful details of why and how I moved servers again.

  3. See me in a play

    I’m going to be in a play about Lilia Litviak, a female World War II Soviet fighter pilot.

  4. This is on the new server

    If you can read this, you’re looking at the site on the new server. Hopefully it’s no…

  5. Moving servers

    Rather than spend this sunny day without work sitting outside, I’m in the process of moving…

  6. Captionless exhibitions

    I’ve been getting frustrated by exhibitions that don’t have any descriptions for their exhibits.

  7. 40,000 RSS feeds

    We’ve added a load of RSS feeds to The Time When. Yes, nearly that many.