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Writing: March 2004

  1. Bye bye HyperCard

    HyperCard has been put out of its misery, which seems inevitable but a shame. But you can download a stack I made a dozen years ago. About tea.

  2. Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World by Kevin Kelly

    Reading this for the first time, ten years after publication, it’s a mix of comfortingly…

  3. Powergen’s negative energy

    How can one company do so many simple things wrong: Powergen sent me a gas bill a while back,…

  4. Goodbye frames, hello CSS

    Live After Dark, a site I developed at Poke around the New Year, went live last week and despite the design’s flouting of many of today’s best web design practices, I’m proud of certain aspects of its construction.

  5. Houston’s transport

    Houston’s got light rail. But it didn’t when I was there, and I’ve provided a handy set of bullet-points outlining my experience of travel in the city.

  6. Goodbye spam

    A graph demonstrating what a difference using has made to my incoming email over the past month.

  7. California photos

    My photos of sunsets, palm trees, blue skies, and few people, from my recent trip.

  8. Goodbye

    I’m unsubscribing from the the Well after seven years. It was OK.