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Writing: April 2008

  1. Meagre ambitions

    Three things I haven’t even attempted at college recently, and doubts about what I’m doing all this for.

  2. UTF8, MySQL, Perl and PHP

    A summary of the problems I had with keeping things UTF8 when re-writing Haddock Blogs, and the solutions I settled on.

  3. Haddock Blogs changes

    A summary of the recent changes to the Haddock Blogs site and feeds.

  4. I’m not bugging your phone

    I’ve made my Twitters private and this has meant that some people I know can no longer read them. Sorry.

  5. Creating narrative as a team

    Clowning is going well, in contrast to the Creation of the first couple of weeks of term, when we returned to the Heart of Darkness.