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Writing: October 2006

  1. First two days

    The timetable, the students, realising that I’m going to be doing this every day for a while.

  2. A beginner’s guide to freelancing

    Around 8,000 words of my accumulated knowledge from life as a freelancer.

  3. Not available now, but in future…

    I’ve found work for now, but here’s what my availability’s going to be like until next summer.

  4. Phil for hire, now

    At the time of writing, due to a large corporation endlessly faffing, I’m free for work until college starts.

  5. Work in 2006

    For a bit of balance, forgetting the acting, here’s how I’ve been spending my work time this year so far.

  6. Final Lilia Litviak thoughts

    One last thing… well, three. There are three thoughts I wanted to write down that sprung from the _Lilia Litviak_ performances so here they are before I lose my notes…

  7. Lilia Litviak performances

    All of a sudden it’s over. Two performances, and that’s it. Thankfully the thing seemed to work and people enjoyed themselves.

  8. Lilia Litviak technical rehearsal

    The technical rehearsal was difficult. I’ve no idea how good the final performance will be.

  9. Lilia Litviak dress rehearsal

    The dress rehearsals went fairly well, and the inexpensive costumes look great. But we’ve only the technical rehearsal to go before the performance.