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These are papers written for my MS in Studies of the Future at the University of Houston - Clear Lake, Texas, USA.

You can see my thesis, 'Conceptual Dissemination Between the Internet and the Mainstream,' here.

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Fall 1999
  Introduction to Future Studies Grade: A 

Why Future Studies?
Describing images of the future and perspectives on future studies.

PDF version 1999-09-12

Scanning Journal
Scanning of magazines and sites for new developments. I turned mine into a website.


Personal Theory of Social Change
Exploring my assumptions about what drives social change.

PDF version 1999-09-19

Critical Analysis of Futures Research
Critique of an article in The Futurist about the unreliability of the Internet as an information resource.

PDF version 1999-10-16

Imagining Difference
Two scenarios of alternative futures.

PDF version 1999-11-08

Devising Strategies
Two strategies to help achieve goals determined as a class exercise.

PDF version 1999-11-28
  Futures Methods I Grade: A 

Letter to the Editor
A critical analysis of an article in The Futurist about the need for genetically modified crops.

PDF version 1999-10-15

Research and Scanning
Scanning of magazines and sites for new developments, both generally and in a specific domain (the Internet).

PDF version 1999-12-01

Interview Report
Inferences about images of the future of the Internet derived from open-ended, unstructured interviews.

PDF version 1999-11-02

Questionnaire Report
Inferences about images of the future of the Internet derived from a close-ended, structured questionnaire.

PDF version 1999-12-01

Datasets and Two-point Comparison
A description of the changes in US energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, 1949-1998.

PDF version 1999-11-30

Time Series Report
Decomposing a time series and making a forecast; the percentage of women in the US workforce.

PDF version 1999-12-01
  Systems Approaches Grade: A 

The Systems Perspective
A description of the systems perspective and reasons for its use.

PDF version 1999-10-08

Example Systems
Descriptions and causal models for six real world systems displaying negative and positive feedback, and counter-intuitive behaviour.

PDF version 1999-11-11

A System Model
A simulation modelling the frequency of forest fires in the Santa Monica Mountains.

PDF version 1999-11-25
Spring 2000
  Social Change Grade: A 
Technological Change and the Internet
A discussion of theories of technological change in relation to the Internet.
PDF version 2000-02-21

Progressive Change
A critique of progressive theories of social change.

PDF version 2000-02-13
Ideational Change
How ideas can spread through society by word of mouth.
PDF version 2000-03-19
My Theory of Social Change
A combined theory of social change using a causal loop diagram.
PDF version 2000-04-21
  Futures Methods II Grade: A 

Analysing Scenarios
An analysis of three found futures scenarios.

PDF version 2000-02-25

Scenario Building
Three scenarios for 2010 for different imaginary clients, each using a different scenario building technique.

PDF version 2000-03-28

A suggested visioning project for the Congress for the New Urbanism.

PDF version 2000-04-24
  World Futures Grade: A 

Future of Urbanism Framework Document
A document about urbanism outlining information sources, history, current trends and possible alternative futures.

PDF version 2000-04-24
Fall 2001
  Creating Cultures Grade: A- 
A Mars Colony
A group project: a political and social system for a future colony on Mars. The sci-fi theme took second place to the other aspects.
PDF version 2000-12-03