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A recent project I worked on launched recently: a new version of the WorldSkills website. I was responsible for turning new designs into re-usable HTML/CSS components for use across this site and others in the organisation’s network.

Small screenshot of the home page

To quote Wikipedia, “WorldSkills organises the world championships of vocational skills, and is held every two years in different parts of the world.” They cover many different skills, from 3D Digital Game Art to Welding.

I joined the project after the designs were ready and I did the bulk of the work in creating the re-usable and responsive HTML/CSS patterns from them, and integrating these with the CMS. The code was based on an adapted and expanded version of Bootstrap which was already in use for many parts of WorldSkills’ various websites.

I was working with the very capable and friendly Robert Carroll and Fabian Vogler at WorldSkills. Although we were all working in different places the process all went smoothly. A+++ would collaborate again.

Congratulations on the relaunch WorldSkills!

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