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Job Garden

I’ve been remiss in not writing anything about website-making work this year. So, time to catch up.

A few months ago I started working on Job Garden, Matt Webb’s website focused on (a) helping people share available jobs at companies they like, and (b) helping people who are looking for good jobs to find them. Although the site’s been slowly improving and growing for over a year, it’s still in the early stages with lots to do.

Screenshot of the website
The front page of the site

I’m spending a portion of my time every month working with Matt on improving and adding features, sprucing things up, and making the back-end more robust. I mean, we’re both doing these things, not just me, which is one of the nice things about the work. Most of my projects are building a new site for a client and I’m frequently the only developer. This time I’m collaborating with someone, we’re making an existing site better, and the contract doesn’t wrap up after a couple of weeks or months. It’s a very nice change of pace and focus and way of working. And working with Matt again (again) is, of course, a pleasure!

Matt made a nice animated GIF of how one page has changed over its life so far:

GIF showing several versions of the same page

There’s lots more to do so keep visiting to see what’s new. You can follow the blog and follow @JobGardenHQ on Twitter.

And, given Job Garden isn’t taking up all of my time, if you have any interesting projects that might seem me-shaped do get in touch.

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