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Writing: March 2003

  1. That summer feeling

    With British Summer Time looming this weekend I wondered whether I’d need to change the…

  2. Do as Cal says

    Cal has a great article about writing robust PHP. Specifically, making it less vulnerable to…

  3. Questioning time

    What he said. Last night, unable to find anything on TV that wasn’t about the war, that…

  4. Ethical ISAs

    Options for saving money that aren’t going to make the world even worse than it already is.

  5. “New!” markers in Movable Type

    A method of marking entries or comments as new since a user’s last visit.

  6. New old photos

    Photos of Madrid, Chamonix, Philadelphia and Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex.

  7. Happy birthday Wired

    Wired is ten years old. Gary Wolf writes about what things were like ten years ago. But nothing in…

  8. Big bag of words

    A guide to talking like a gamer, an online language journal, and a language weblog.

  9. Internet Explorer’s font size strangeness

    Wondering why Internet Explorer resizes fonts that are specified using ems and percentages very differently.

  10. Changing Movable Type archive URLs

    A quick way of changing your Individual archive URLs without breaking links.

  11. Road geeks

    Celebrating geekery in an unexpected area… Chris’s British Road Directory.

  12. Testing font sizes

    An attempt to find out how to size my fonts so that everyone can read them.

  13. I’m now available in French!

    My ‘Introduction to weblog terms for weblog readers’ has been translated.

  14. Creating a 1980s virtual world

    Chip Morningstar’s entertaining and still relevant 1990 essay on building and running ‘Habitat,’ a mid-80s online multi-player game.

  15. More Newton fun

    Pointing to a summary of what’s happening on the Newton, five years after it stopped shipping.