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Writing: March 2005

  1. Flickr article for BBC News

    I wrote an article about Flickr for BBC News Online last week, and it reminded me how different writing professionally is to all this personal publishing stuff.

  2. Guardian Review, 19 March 2005

    Ian McEwan on how one person taking someone else’s boots leads to the collapse of society (well, almost).

  3. London Review of Books, 5 March 2005

    Science should reconcile first and third person accounts of the universe, and novels written in free indirect style do just that.

  4. American passports and Mexican food

    Two old posts of mine that have generated disproportionate quantities of coomments via Google.

  5. Moving virtual house

    A week ago my sites moved to a new server. There are a couple of outstanding problems, but it mostly went OK. Here’s my exhaustive task list for ensuring a smooth move.