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  1. How to Safely Pass Data to JavaScript in a Django Template - Adam Johnson

    I keep having to google for this handy guide when I want to link to it for someone.

  2. Release Notes: How to make self-hosted maps that work everywhere and cost next to nothing • MuckRock

    Anything I knew about making maps is very out of date so, for future reference. ( via Simon Willison)

  3. Static Site Generators and CMS’s | Go Make Things

    I haven’t looked at any of these but have occasionally looked for such things, and here some are.

  4. Intrepid Camera

    A nice bunch of things, like large format cameras and LED-powered enlargers, handmade in the UK. (via The Online Photographer)

  5. How I Fell for an Amazon Scam Call and Handed Over $50,000

    Horrible. Phones were a mistake. (via

  6. furialog - Lotteries We All Lose

    On Spotify playlists etc. “…most people listen in ways that seem likely to be earnest expressions of their love. That love can be collated with very simple math.”

  7. How the Pursuit of Status Shapes Our Aesthetics: Talking with David Marx – Put This On

    Good stuff, from last year. I should read the book. (via Russell’s Afternoon Slow)

  8. What really caused the sriracha shortage? 2 friends and the epic breakup that left millions without their favorite hot sauce | Fortune

    I’ve never had the stuff so was oblivious to any shortage, but still interesting. (via Rob Hinchcliffe)

  9. Lost Highway, by Emily Gogolak

    Enjoyed this about learning to drive a truck in the US. (via Scope of Work)

  10. P&B: Phil Gyford – Manu

    Me interviewed for Manuel Moreale’s People and Blogs series.

  11. A Teen’s Fatal Plunge Into the London Underworld | The New Yorker

    Good, sad, alarming read about an unsolved probably-not-suicide.

  12. Find Cities in Your Budget - The Earth Awaits

    Filter global cities by cost of living, crime rate, pollution, language, attitudes, healthcare, etc.

  13. Rebecca Solnit · In the Shadow of Silicon Valley: Losing San Francisco

    On San Fransisco, tech billionaires, and Solano County. “…tech is returning us to a kind of feudalism…” “You can’t really be in favour of both democracy and billionaires…”

  14. The Cheap Web

    “The websites of Patrick Colison, Edward Tufte, and Phil Gyford are thriving examples of cozy HTML cabins.” (via Web Curios)

  15. Links on Status and Culture - January 2024

    For the entire section on Macro vs four kinds of Micro culture/content.

  16. Hippy, capitalist, guru, grocer: the forgotten genius who changed British food | Food | The Guardian

    I only knew fragments of this story about Nicholas Saunders, Neal’s Yard, Monmouth Cafe, etc.

  17. RIP Neil Kulkarni – Electronic Sound

    Oh, awful. I liked his reviews in The Wire enough that his was the only name I’d recognise. And then his mailing list was good too. (via Things Magazine)

  18. When One Grows Tired of Cyberdog - The Fence

    Clive Martin on Camden. (via Web Curios)

  19. Jerome McGann · Umbah-Umbah

    The first first review of Greil Marcus’s ‘Lipstick Traces’, from 1989.

  20. Click Around, Find Out – Dirty Feed

    “If you stopped cultivating your own website because you really liked Twitter, or because Google Reader was shut down, did you really care about it that much in the first place?” Yup.

  21. Zed - Code at the speed of thought

    A new text editor. Looks interesting. (via Guy Moorhouse’s newsletter)

  22. From-To

    Find equivalent neighbourhoods in different cities. interesting to explore but I doubt the hamlet of Hinton near Hereford is really like Shoreditch. (via Waxy)

  23. British Record Shop Archive

    Lovely. (via

  24. Reflections on a Month with BBEdit and Nova — Sympolymathesy, by Chris Krycho

    I’ve been tinkering with Nova and I liked this detailed write-up of trying out other text editors.

  25. Thomas Hirschhorn @ Kochi Biennial | The White Pube

    On critiquing art, energy vs quality. (via FaveJet)

  26. Television: one of the most audacious pranks in history was hidden in a hit TV show for years.

    I love this – so 1990s – but also, if it was “like a virus”, it was a virus that no one noticed and had no effect on anything. (via Web Curios)

  27. Language Transfer

    Free audio courses for several languages. “Memorization is the most inefficient way of remembering.” (via Reddit somewhere)

  28. Said the Gramophone: BEST SONGS OF 2023

    The Happiest Time Of The Year. I’ve only heard a small handful of these, and not often.

  29. furialog - · 4 December 2023

    Sad about the layoffs but also sad that (and the playlists?) may now disappear.