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Writing: February 2011

  1. Flexible with strong faces

    Examples of odd and interesting casting calls sent out for adverts.

  2. 1950 suits

    Some stills of men in suits from a 1950 film about cricket.

  3. Embarrassingly pimping

    I spoke at The Story about Pepys’ Diary, and would like to speak about it at more events.

  4. Whoops! by John Lanchester

    Notes on the book about the financial crash.

  5. Papanek on clogs

    BERG’s post about Nike Mayfly shoes reminded me of Victor Papanek talking about clogs.

  6. Misfits is Buffy good

    ‘Misfits’ is great in the same way that ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ was good.

  7. Coins and Experiments

    A pointer to some quotes from a couple of LRB articles that happen to mention Pepys.