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Writing: September 2004

  1. Walking on the right

    It seems there’s a convention of pedestrians passing each other on the right in America. If so, is there also a convention of passing on the left in the UK and I’ve been oblivious to it my whole life? Am I dumb?

  2. Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman

    To be honest I was a little disappointed by Amusing Ourselves to Death, although this may have been…

  3. Encoding with the very latest LAME in iTunes

    An easy way to use the latest version of LAME with Blacktree’s handy iTunes-LAME Encoder thingummy, without touching the command line.

  4. Andrew O’Hagan on the Republican convention

    Two quotable passages from O’Hagan’s London Review of Books report from the US Republican Convention. A relentless summary of the state of America and a frightening conversation.

  5. Movable Type 3 problems solved

    Mainly so that anyone Googling for solutions to these problems is satisfied, those handy folk on the Movable Type support forum have solved the problems I was having.

  6. Movable Type 3 problems

    I’m having two problems with my upgrade to Movable Type 3.11: The Scheduled Posting script generates errors, and I get lots of “403 Throttled” errors when Pepys’ Diary generates a load of TrackBacks. Help appreciated.

  7. Morning News interview with Alex Ross

    A very quotable interview with the ‘New Yorker’s music critic. Lots of good stuff.

  8. 1 bed flat for sale in Hackney

    I’m selling my flat in the art deco style Strand Building in London. Come buy it!