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Writing: June 2011

  1. Using virtualenv with Django on WebFaction

    Getting a Django site running on WebFaction hosting using virtualenv.

  2. The undercover quanitifed self

    A chunk of Hamish MacGibbon’s father’s life was recorded by the security services, and still readable fifty years later.

  3. Then behave yourselves

    Stephen Sedley in the LRB comparing an intrusive media to a snooping state.

  4. A form of augmented reality

    About a kind of augmented reality that many people already use every day, inspired by Kevin Slavin’s talk.

  5. That’s no city

    Rosemary Hill on the Shard as a “vertical city”.

  6. Today’s Guardian v1.1

    I’ve made some small improvements to my Today’s Guardian website.

  7. Hyphenation on the web

    The state of hyphenation on the web.