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Writing: July 2004

  1. The Art of Fiction by David Lodge

    I read this when it was a series of columns in the Independent on Sunday. Nice to read it again.…

  2. Let’s live today, anyway. Change me, change me, change me once again

    It’s not often you get a chance to see characters in a film genuinely age ten years. ‘Before Sunrise’ gives you this and much, much more. Magic.

  3. London Review of Books, 22 July 2004

    Contents page online here ‘Stainless Splendour’ by Stefan Collini It’s not just…

  4. St Pancras Chambers

    Yesterday I went on a tour of the elegant building at St Pancras station, currently derelict, soon to be converted into a new hotel and apartments, and took some photos.

  5. Anyone for a greasy?

    Mourning the passing of the New Piccadilly cafe in central London and celebrating other simple caffs.

  6. London Review of Books, 8 July 2004

    Contents page online here ‘Reasons to Be Miserable‘ by James Meek Lengthy quotes, but…

  7. Big head

    Those cheeky chappies at Poke stuck my big face to a wall.

  8. Disk Inventory X

    Playing with the utility that gives you a brighly-coloured treemap (a la Market Map or Newsmap) of your Mac’s drive, showing exactly what’s eating all that precious space.

  9. Inaccessible Odeon

    Odeon has forced Matthew Somerville to shut down his accessible version of their site. All the more amazing when Odeon’s official site is completely invisible in some browsers.

  10. What webloggers are reading this summer

    I asked a bunch of webloggers what they’re reading this summer. Because I was more interested in that than what celebrities are reading this summer.

  11. Blogloops

    Bloglines’ first birthday revamp introduces public blogs, shrinking the incestuous blogging cycle a little further.

  12. The Global City: New York, London, Tokyo by Saskia Sassen

    While the book is undoubtedly oriented around cities, very little of it is about the structure or…