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Writing: January 2004

  1. Whither Ikeaphobia?

    Many people say Ikea and Starbucks are evil. Adam Greenfield says they’re fine. I say the world’s not so simple and these black and white arguments don’t help anyone.

  2. MapQuestster

    My frustration at spatial annotation ideas and social networking nonsense spouted gently onto the Geowanking mailing list.

  3. Their first movies

    Quotes from ‘My First Movie’ on how driven (or otherwise) first-time directors have to be.

  4. Back when 1KB was more than enough

    A photo of my family gathered around the roaring flicker of a ZX81’s black and white display.

  5. Bah, kids today…

    The excitement and thrills of living in London, where you too could get knocked off your bike by a gang of aimless teenagers!

  6. Weblogs, unexplained

    Watching the word “weblog” appear in the press with gradually decreasing amounts of explanation.

  7. Pepys TrackBack: fixing the problems and a new layout

    I had to write some tools to manage the duplicated TrackBacks at Pepys’ Diary, but it meant I could then create a whole new (un-TrackBack-like) layout for the TrackBack listings.

  8. TrackBack problems at Pepys’ Diary

    Sending several dozen pings from a Movable Type entry sometimes seems to make things go a bit wonky.

  9. The Poetics of Space

    I was unexpectedly disappointed by Gaston Bachelard’s book, so I’d love to know why it’s so highly rated. Enlighten me!

  10. National Theatre vs Burning Man

    How did Denis Tricot’s fire scuplture at the National Theatre compare to Burning Man? Well, they had poi…

  11. This year’s non-resolutions

    Things I hope to do more of in 2004 that really aren’t resolutions at all, oh no.

  12. And then the bar code reader breaks

    ‘Seinfeld’s Newman on the mail.

  13. The Sky at Night

    Three old white-haired men in bow ties! On TV! It’s crazy!

  14. Bolero, Houston, R&B, The Office and Pop Idol

    Stumbling across great radio and TV, and ending up in tears.