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Writing: January 2010

  1. Next week’s news

    What I plan to do next week: write a weekly news website.

  2. Small publishers of news

    Wondering whether there’s a future for small publishers of news.

  3. Looking for news

    Why I don’t read, watch or listen to any news, which isn’t a good thing.

  4. Week 345

    Reserving a few weeks to work on my own projects.

  5. Week 344

    Getting stuck into Django by starting a new personal project.

  6. Pen v keyboard v Newton v Graffiti v Treo v iPhone

    I tested the speed of inputting text with pen and paper, full-size keyboard, iPhone, Palm Treo keyboard, Palm Graffiti and Apple Newton MessagePad.

  7. Learning to quit

    I’ve been thinking about how to spend one’s time, particularly with regards to learning new things.

  8. Pretend Office RSS feed improvements

    The feed now includes the full text of emails sent to the mailing list.

  9. Practical Django Projects source code

    I uploaded to Bitbucket the code I ended up with after following James Bennett’s book.

  10. Week 342

    Moving into a new office for the first time.