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Writing: December 2004

  1. Combining RSS feeds into one feed and page

    After tinkering for a few weeks I’ve written a script that combines my writing, notes, links and Flickr photos into a single RSS feed and creates a single chronological front page for my site. Feel free to nab my script.

  2. Combining things into one RSS feed

    Sucking up four RSS feeds and spitting them out in one combined feed. But it doesn’t quite seem to work in some feed readers. Help appreciated.

  3. Posting links from to Movable Type

    I wrote some perl to transfer links — both today’s and old dusty ones from the past — to appropriately dated Movable Type entries.

  4. More fiddling

    A couple of changes to what I’m doing with - if you bookmarked my page or feed you may want to change it slightly…

  5. My links have moved to

    Migrating to was made easier with a handy guide, but I’m still having problems getting things to work.