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Writing: April 2004

  1. External scaffolding

    I’ve started taking notes when reading non-fiction, in an attempt to hammer facts and ideas into my broken sieve of a brain. So I though I might as well put them online, starting with three books.

  2. Homeostatic envelope

    The idea that there are boundaries defining the limits of normal experience, from joy to depression, and

  3. Belgrade and Novi Sad

    Lots of traffic, even more sports shoes and a couple of photos.

  4. Goof of the day

    The official Parliament website plumbs new depths of cluelessness.

  5. The Balkans by Mark Mazower

    The fact that the recent troubles in the area only get a couple of the 135 pages shows what a…

  6. Audioscrobbler

    Having lots of fun with Audioscrobbler, which is, really, kind of like a social networking site without all the annoying “Are you my friend” stuff, and with lots and lots of music.

  7. Donald Barthelme’s reading list

    81 works recommended by Donald Barthelme, and why such reading lists are far more intriguing than ‘50 Essential Albums You Must Own’ style lists.

  8. Small Pieces Loosely Joined: A Unified Theory of the Web by David Weinberger

    I never expect much from net-related books, assuming I’ll have heard it all before elsewhere.…