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Writing: August 2003

  1. Colours

    I’m no good with colours, as you can tell, but here are two simple yet handy things that…

  2. iCal time zones

    iCal has almost exactly the same problem with time zones as Movable Type. If you travel iCal will change the time of all your appointments…

  3. Movable Type time zones

    Weblog entries should have their own time zones, rather than be stuck with the weblog’s default that you can never change, even if you move from one continent to another.

  4. Post boxes

    Red post boxes all over the web. Hurrah! Buy them (and phone boxes) for your garden! Yay for hobbies!

  5. David Lynch on sheds

    Sheds are apparently fashionable right now but David Lynch was way ahead of the curve. He likes sheds.

  6. Telegraph poles

    Telegraph poles are often marked with their owner, size and date. More details here…

  7. Updated Haddock Blogs

    A couple of updates to the Haddock Blogs script, mainly including the full item descriptions in the feed, where available.

  8. Summer playlist

    A selection of tunes from Greil Marcus’s ‘Mystery Train’ that make for fine heatwave listening.

  9. Pre-client spam filtering

    After trying the very nice I’m left uneasy by the whole idea of challenge and response spam filtering.

  10. What are the chances of that happening, eh?

    Brian Eno documentary on BBC 6 Music.