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  1. 45 Beech Street, Barbican, London (PDF)

    Proposal to redevelop the office building – the one off the Barbican “tunnel” – into a taller apartment building.

  2. Russell Bell | Portfolio - Barbican before the Blitz

    I’ve a feeling I’ve seen this before, but apparently didn’t link to it. Lovely and interesting. (via Things Magazine)

  3. Robert Elms + Christina Wilson (@high_in_the_sky_2021) • Instagram photos and videos

    Chronicling their (now finished) reconfiguring and rebuilding of a Barbican tower flat.

  4. Model Barbican : r/london

    “It’s not on display per se but if you go to the Barbican and ask to see the model room they’ll let you.” !!

  5. Barbican centre construction 1970s | Flickr

    91 colour photos! Beech street before it was covered! Cut-away below-podium views! Gardens without plants! Views across London from the towers! Donkey jackets! Brilliant.

  6. The Barbican Estate: An Architectural Masterpiece Under Threat

    The “A History of Continual Expansion” document is fascinating, to see how the school has incrementally expanded over decades.

  7. The Barbican - ProBE - University of Westminster, London

    Download the case study PDFs for some great stuff about building the Barbican, M1, Sizewell, South Bank, and Stevenage. Includes labour conditions, disputes, interviews with workers etc.

  8. Modernist Architecture: The Barbican Complex: Exploring London’s Radiant City

    Nice picture essay about the place. Helped that he had good weather!

  9. Insurance Plan of London Vol. VI: sheet 135 – 1887 – Chas E Goad Limited – Chas E Goad Limited – Visualize

    After a lot of clicking through lists of sheets I found this 1887 map of where we live. So many buildings. Book marblers! Feather warehouse! Umbrella factory! Tranters Temperance Hotel! Nicely done, British Library.

  10. Barbican Weather Data

    Very local weather data.

  11. Barbican - Wall & Floor Tiles | Fired Earth

    A tile range named after the Barbican with styles named after local streets. Note: All Barbican flats must (officially) be carpeted.

  12. Barbican: A Unique Walled City Within The City | gail borthwick - (PDF)

    A dissertation (no idea what for) about the Barbican. Some good history and old plans, photos, etc.

  13. Barbican - Urban Wandering – Film and the London Landscape

    Loads of interesting London-related films at the Barbican in September. Includes a new film about the pedways/highwalks! (via @antimega)

  14. Barbican, 1969 - YouTube

    Documentary about the Barbican, including footage of the then nearly-completed buildings, and (at 15:40) a look inside one of the show flats.

  15. I, Anna Trailer - YouTube

    Charlotte Rampling and Gabriel Byrne in a movie that seems largely set in the Barbican. Includes a scene in a lift with the blue “lift curtains” that are hung when someone’s moving in or out, to protect the lift. A nice cosy/claustrophobic touch.

  16. Building workers stories

    Free PDFs containing oral histories from the men who built the Barbican, the M1, Sizewell A, the South Bank and Stevenage.

  17. Another Studio - MONUmini Barbican Tower

    10cm tall stainless steel sheet model of a Barbican tower.

  18. Cash in the attic: short-term home letting | Life and style | The Guardian

    Couple appear in national newspaper showing off their Barbican flat which they let out to strangers, against the terms of their lease. What fun.

  19. Barbican Cinema’s Official Tumblog

    Documenting the creation of the new cinemas.

  20. Chamberlin, Powell and Bon Twentieth-Century Architects: Elain Harwood: Books

    Due out end of 2011, 160 pages, about the Barbican and Golden Lane Estate architects.

  21. Hobbs of Barbican

    I never knew: Between 1930 and WWII the firm Hobbs of Barbican made bikes in the Barbican area of London, later moving to Dagenham.

  22. Barbican - Images | Jamie Smith

    Some nice photos of the Barbican by a student who’s doing a project on it. They’d be even nicer if they didn’t have a copyright statement stamped across their middles though.

  23. A Room to Let in Old Aldgate | Spitalfields Life

    Some lovely 19th century photos of the area around the City, Spitalfields, Barbican, etc.

  24. YouTube - Look at Life - Top People, 1960

    Men in flat caps without harnesses working high above the City of London (Golden Lane Estate, London Wall, etc). Lots more ‘Look at Life’ on the right, too.

  25. YouTube - BBC Town Planning Programme circa 1961

    Featuring the Barbican area, London Wall, etc. A shame the clip is so short. More, more!

  26. Barbican - Explore Barbican

    90 minute guided tours of the Barbican, every couple of days for the rest of the year.

  27. • View topic - Barbican Cinemas 2 and 3 to Close

    Due to close early 2010 and re-open two years later in the current Barbican Exhibition Hall. Sounds like a cock-up re guaranteeing Frobisher Crescent developers the current cinemas wouldn’t leak noise.

  28. Click opera - Hanging gardens of Barbican

    Momus on growing to love the Barbican. (via Blackbeltjones)

  29. Taking a walk in the clouds - Times Online

    An article from 2004 by Bob Stanley on London’s raised pedestrian walkways. (via Blech)

  30. YouTube - Unit Four Plus Two — Concrete and Clay

    1965(?) video for the song, filmed on the building site that was to become the Barbican.

  31. :: View topic - Has anyone else received the faulty postal vote forms?

    This all sounds a bit dodgy, in the City of London’s bizarre version of democracy.

  32. In Pictures: Secret Bits Of The Barbican - Londonist

    Not that secret - only two or three photos are from inside the building that’s currently being turned into flats, but still interesting.

  33. Home ‎(Barbican restaurants‎)

    Wiki for restaurants local to the Barbican.

  34. Frobisher Crescent : Coming Soon

    Work has started on 69 new studio, 1, 2 and 3 bed flats in the Barbican. Pointless un-informative Flash site.

  35. Corporation of London - Development & planning - Planning applications

    Proposal to create a brand new flat at the bottom of one of the Barbican towers, in a “void space”. See the PLANNING REPORT for some pics.

  36. Ops on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Oops indeed. What kind of vehicle did that sort of damage? Somewhere near the Barbican apparently, Silk Street or Moor Lane?

  37. The Terrific Electric, by Boiler Room for BITE 2007 at the Barbican - a photoset on Flickr

    Photos from the dress rehearsal of the play I enjoyed at the Barbican’s Pit a couple of weeks ago.

  38. CABE - Design review reports - New Milton Court

    Thoroughly scathing review by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment of the now rejected plans for the Barbican’s Milton Court.

  39. :: View topic - Milton Court - the tower has been rejected

    Excellent — the proposed plan to redevelop the Barbican’s Milton Court has been “sent back” by the planning committee.

  40. BBC On This Day | 24 | 1956: Plans unveiled for homes in Barbican

    Wonderful video from 1956 showing the site now occupied by the Barbican, and a gentleman demonstrating an incomprehensible perspex model of an early plan.

  41. Building - 4861 - Milton Court - London

    Current plan: destroy unique building (even if its beauty is debatable) and replace with dull glass tower. At least it’s residential and Guildhall School rooms, but still, it hugely annoys me.

  42. This time, only world class will do - Building Design

    “If Milton Court on the Barbican Estate must go, its replacement has to be much, much better.” Current plans are very dull and, worse, destroy the current walkway link to the Barbican and surrounding buildings.

  43. Flickr: Search “barbican” -architecture, posted between 03/09/2007 and 03/11/2007

    On Saturday we passed a bunch of adults by the Barbican lakes with loads of dolls. And here they all are on Flickr. A craze (Blythe dolls) of which I was previously unaware.

  44. :: View topic - milton court

    Building Design article about the proposed replacement of the Barbican’s Milton Court building (“43 storey residential tower”!), and the resistance to the plans.

  45. John Lewis Partnership - First Openings for Waitrose in Scotland

    Our local Somerfield (ex-Morrisons, ex-Safeway) is to change again, in June, into a Waitrose. Much rejoicing among Barbican residents who have clamoured for more middle-class groceries for an amusingly long time.

  46. Flickr: ludd’s photos tagged with barbican

    Old models of the Barbican, a map and a photo of what the Barbican replaced.

  47. Map1.pdf

    Map of the Barbican from Frank Harris estate agents attempting to show the raised walkways. Very misleading in a lot of places however.

  48. Barbicansalvage : Barbican Salvage

    There’s now a salvage store for Barbican residents wanting to offload or fix their original fittings. Not sure why it’s a Yahoo! Group, but still. Photos of retro kitchen fittings.

  49. Wonderland: New PSP advert

    Cool TV ad by Alice’s sister, a smidgen of which was shot one Sunday downstairs on Beech Street.

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