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2007-05-25 (Friday)



  1. CABE - Design review reports - New Milton Court

    Thoroughly scathing review by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment of the now rejected plans for the Barbican’s Milton Court.

  2. LRB | Andrew O’Hagan : The Things We Throw Away

    Wonderful essay about the UK’s rubbish and recycling. Well worth reading. “Throwing things away has been so essential to our sense of how to live that we forget we invented the process just to increase our pleasures.”

  3. The Actor Works » Home

    Acting school in London that a friend is currently at.

  4. Mark Fowler’s Journal - Plain Text Wiki, Reworked

    A change to Matt Webb’s plain text wiki in TextMate thingy, to make links [[like this]]. (via Blech)

  5. Meish dot org » Things my new commute has taught me #1

    Meg Pickard on the hierarchy of positions in a Hammersmith & City Line carriage. It annoys me that I already know this stuff. I don’t want to.

  6. Particletree » Rediscovering the Button Element

    Very handy alternative to Submit buttons, and I feel I should have already known this, but it appears to have problems in IE. Like most things. (via Kottke)

  7. Running the Numbers - An American Self-Portrait

    Images showing the number of things used by Americans every day/week/month/etc. Amazing, scary, etc. (via Haddock)


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    Heading off for three days of fiction-reading sea-air-breathing offline downtime.

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    That'll teach me to be cocky: Tube changed to Circle Line without me hearing. Now I'm late and standing.

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    A completely empty tube! Position 1 is mine with no struggle!