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2022-01-15 (Saturday)


  1. Robert Elms + Christina Wilson (@high_in_the_sky_2021) • Instagram photos and videos

    Chronicling their (now finished) reconfiguring and rebuilding of a Barbican tower flat.


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    @Zoonie @macintosh @nevali @BBCiPlayer No, Netflix has the whole experience nailed. It's removed every little point of friction that I now realise other services (those I've tried) have.

    I still end up browsing endless rows of thumbnails unable to find just the right thing to watch, but once I do, it's very good.

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    @nevali @BBCiPlayer I guess it's different for EastEnders or Match of the Day etc that go on forever. But as I only ever add series I want to see from the start it's confusing. A couple of times I've watched a few minutes of a drama thinking "This jumps right in!" only to realise it's final episode.

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    I'm continually baffled that in @BBCiPlayer, when you add a series to your list, it always adds the *final* episode that's available. Every time.

    Like, here, I clicked "Add" while looking at episode 1, and yet it lines up episode 8 for me.

    Baffled I tell you, BAFFLED.