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2007-04-20 (Friday)



  1. São Paulo No Logo - a photoset on Flickr

    Advertising on large outdoor hoardings has been banned. When I rule the world this will happen in London. Oh, and everywhere else, seeing as I’ll rule the world. (via Haddock)

  2. BBC Motion Gallery - Home Page

    Very handy for finding clips of animals moving for thespian research purposes. And probably other things.

  3. Launch (

    Paul Ford, excellent on the inevitable public responses to a site launch and one’s reaction to them.

  4. BBC On This Day | 24 | 1956: Plans unveiled for homes in Barbican

    Wonderful video from 1956 showing the site now occupied by the Barbican, and a gentleman demonstrating an incomprehensible perspex model of an early plan.

  5. Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes - Proper English Title Capitalization

    Fantastic. A script for anyone who, like me, gets annoyed by the American Tendency To Capitalise Every Word In A Track’s Title And Album Name.

  6. Building - 4861 - Milton Court - London

    Current plan: destroy unique building (even if its beauty is debatable) and replace with dull glass tower. At least it’s residential and Guildhall School rooms, but still, it hugely annoys me.

  7. This time, only world class will do - Building Design

    “If Milton Court on the Barbican Estate must go, its replacement has to be much, much better.” Current plans are very dull and, worse, destroy the current walkway link to the Barbican and surrounding buildings.

  8. » Blog Archive » Will Self’s Writing Room - A 360 Degree View In 71 Photos

    More photos of Will Self’s room. I’d like to see the “Hockney-esque fractured portrait of the room”.

  9. Writers’ rooms: Will Self | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Books

    I love this series. As someone else said, they’ve mostly looked like typical taken-over spare rooms. Comfortable. Almost not like work rooms. Self’s is reassuringly different.

  10. - reviews and writing - English Hecklers in New Zealand - May 2005

    “In the 90s, Baddiel and Skinner let the thugs have our comedy. And then Oasis and The Happy Mondays let the thugs have our music. Now there are lads at indie rock gigs and lads at comedy. Where is our space? What belongs to us?” (via Oblinks)

  11. House of Commons, Journal | British History Online

    Going back to 1547 (and House of Lords), could be handy for Pepys. But, annoyingly, very un-guessable URLs for the daily archives. Hmm.


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    Happy to have returned to Firefox after a dalliance with Safari. Sorry I doubted you and I forgive your occasional seizures. Feels like home

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    At home, but now off again for a meeting in the City.

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    Brixton Cycles very lovely and well worth the treck. I think I'll be going single-speed when they get my size in...

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    Early end to college so going to have a nose at Brixton Cycles.