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2010-08-31 (Tuesday)


  1. YouTube - Look at Life - Top People, 1960

    Men in flat caps without harnesses working high above the City of London (Golden Lane Estate, London Wall, etc). Lots more ‘Look at Life’ on the right, too.

  2. YouTube - BBC Town Planning Programme circa 1961

    Featuring the Barbican area, London Wall, etc. A shame the clip is so short. More, more!

  3. What’s the best way to structure large JavaScript/jQuery projects? - Quora

    I asked a question on Quora and had some helpful responses.


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    @blech I have sarnies so can join in a BLT-led lunch anytime. Come on over!

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    @Zoonie No plans to start anything new. I'm just passing on the deadlines!

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    Do something new: & courses start next week, have open evening Thursday.