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2009-01-12 (Monday)

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  1. A Typographic Survey of the City of London on Vimeo

    To be fair he says it “used to be known as the Corporation of London or the City of London…


  1. Home ‎(Barbican restaurants‎)

    Wiki for restaurants local to the Barbican.


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    Yet another day of being really busy but not getting onto the fun stuff drawing to a close. Off to the cinema.

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    Received a reply to my Thought For The Day complaint (Pope + homosexuals). Unsatisfying. I'll just stop listening to Today.

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    @azeem Did you give up on EyeTV?What do you use now?

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    I hate how annoyed I get by technology not working properly. I want to not care.

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    A bit tired of EyeTV frequently recording programmes of "0 seconds" long. Not terribly useful.