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2009-03-12 (Thursday)


  1. BBC News | Entertainment | BBC Two to show US TV’s The Wire

    Showing every night!? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit, why does BBC2 screw up every single decent US show it gets its dumb hands on?

  2. Get Your Walk Score - A Walkability Score For Any Address

    Interesting idea for measuring how walkable the area around an address is. Despite appearances it appears to work with UK addresses too.

  3. :: View topic - Has anyone else received the faulty postal vote forms?

    This all sounds a bit dodgy, in the City of London’s bizarre version of democracy.


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    About to begin the San Jose -> Houston -> Austin shuffle. Goodbye #etech09, it was lots of fun. I must empty my brain before SXSW.

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    To clarify previous twitter... I just realised there were two other talks going on. Maybe everyone was elsewhere... #etech09

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    There are only about thirty people in the huge Imperial Ballroom for the start of the opening talk today. #etech09

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    Zoë Keating live + 3D representation of the room created by LASERS = awesome.

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    My brain's too fried to have the patience for Andrew Schneider's (or anyone's) performance art right now. #etech09

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    Watching Zoe Keating warming up the cello. Hoping more audience turns up. #etech09