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2006-02-15 (Wednesday)


  1. BBC - Radio 4 - Today Programme - Interview with Stephen Pound MP (Real Audio .ram file)

    I woke up this morning to hear an MP talking frankly about almost changing his mind over the smoking ban. Glorious, because he sounds like a human being. If only the cabinet sounded like this. (skip forward to 3:15)

  2. Yahoo open up their UI libraries… (

    Links to all Yahoo’s shiny developer things in one handy place for me to never get round to reading.

  3. Flickr: ludd’s photos tagged with barbican

    Old models of the Barbican, a map and a photo of what the Barbican replaced.

  4. Compact

    The Compact’s weblog — see them wrestle with exactly what they’re allowed to buy new and giggle at the optimism: “if our movement grows we could take this country down”.

  5. Thecompact : The Compact

    The Yahoo! Group for the Bay Area people who aren’t buying new stuff in 2006.

  6. Bay Area / Out of the retail rat race / Consumer group doesn’t buy notion that new is better

    The Compact - 50 people who have committed to buy nothing new (“except food, health and safety items and underwear”) in 2006. (via Boing Boing)