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2011-06-12 (Sunday)


  1. Infovore » Where’s @towerbridge?

    Aside from anything else: Twitter appear to have handed one person’s account over to someone else, and all the original tweets have been deleted. How safe does your account feel now?

  2. Hobbs of Barbican

    I never knew: Between 1930 and WWII the firm Hobbs of Barbican made bikes in the Barbican area of London, later moving to Dagenham.

  3. ‘The Headbadge’: Raleigh Catalog Archive Project

    Ah, even more old Raleigh bike catalogues, from 1938 to 1987. Getting closer. (Domain updated from, 2012-05-01.)

  4. Bike Pictures on

    Mainly for the “Bike Catalogs” section, full of old brochures which were handy for trying to identify poorly-described old bikes on eBay. For example.


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    @scaryredhair Whoooo, congrats Daddy Ayers!

  • philgyford’s avatar

    @wesayso No, a bike. But there are always more bikes.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    Nnnghhh, grrrrrr: caught out in the final seconds by eBay’s extra “confirm bid” step. Next!

  • philgyford’s avatar

    Cheam. Cheam Cheam Cheam. Cheeeeeeeeeeeam. Cheam.

    Merton, England, United Kingdom